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A man and woman replacing the hood of a MINI.

Certification matters.

We emphasize the importance of choosing certified collision centres for better quality repairs. Being certified significantly impacts your vehicle’s function, longevity, value, and safety. Our certified technicians meet factory safety and quality standards during repairs. Don’t overlook the benefits of opting for a certified centre over others.

What does OEM mean?

OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” It refers to a company that is the original engineer and producer of a vehicle's components, electronics, safety components, and parts.

Our OEM Certifications

I-CAR Gold Class

Over time, the vehicles we drive have grown increasingly complicated in their features and technologies. Today, the average vehicle has thousands of functional components, tens of thousands of parts, and a mix of advanced lightweight materials.

Properly repairing your complex vehicle after a collision now requires a team of highly trained specialists. Up-to-date training is essential, since vehicle designs and recommended repair procedures change faster now than ever before. And no two vehicles will follow the exact same repair plan.

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